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Volvo P172 concept 1:43

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De Volvo die nooit gebouwd werd en alleen als prototype bekend is.
The Volvo that was never built and only existed as concept.

Fabr. Autocult
Schaal 1:43
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1965 Volvo P172

In autumn 1964, the Volvo dealer in Linköping, Jöhncke, in Paris ordered a facel-Vega HK II, One of his employees took the train to Paris - and then back to Sweden with the French Gran Turismo. The car stayed in Linköping for a while, where he caused a sensation, then the same employee drove him to Gothenburg. And from there by train back to work. In the spring of 1965, the facel was then in the styling department of Volvo. And was considered especially by the still young Jan Wilsgaard long and accurate. When he sat down on the drawing board to design the first Gran Turismo for Volvo, he was probably still heavily influenced by the lines of the Frenchman (an official connection between Facel and Volvo was then indeed later even made).

What emerged then was called Volvo P172 - and should be something like the successor to the P1800, bigger, stronger. As a drive should serve the six-cylinder, which was already in development for the future 164 anyway; from 3 liters capacity about 160 hp should be possible, which would have made the Swedish Gran Turismo over 200 km / h fast. What Wilsgaard had designed was a beautiful car (with a striking resemblance to the contemporary facel-vega ...), which was actually implemented in a 1: 1 model. This thing looked almost ready to go in September 1966, thanks also to the Perspex wheels and the then very chic Rostyle wheels. However, P172 never received an engine. For this Wilsgaard also drew a nice convertible. Probably knowing that the Gran Turismo will never be built anyway:Ford Mustang did not even cost half. In 1967 the project was finally buried, the model shredded.